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Codeine Is An Opiate (narcotic), Derived From Poppy Plants, Is Often Recommended To Those Suffering From Ongoing Moderate To Severe Pain And Cough. It Changes Brain Senses By Binding Receptors In Such A Way That Patients Are Able To Tolerate Pain And Become Comfortable. Codeine Tends To Control The Cough Which Is Uncontrollable By Non-narcotic Cough Suppressants. It Dulls The Reflex Of Cough On The Brain.
Codeine Slows Down The Message Between Brain And Body, Which Leads To Euphoria And Relaxation Feeling In The Humans. If You Use It Often, Then It May Cause You Serious Side-effects Also.
Therapeutic Uses

Codeine Is Used To Relieve:

•    Mild To Moderate Pain
•    Severe Pain
•    Dry Irritating Cough
•    Diarrhea
•    Cold And Flu.

How To Use Codeine?

•    It Is Recommended By The Doctors Than The Adults Should Take Codeine In Quantity Of 15 Mg To 60mg Every 4 To 6 Hours Or When It Is Required. Also, The Patient Should Not Cross The Limit Of 360mg Per Day.
•    Risk Of Breathing Problems Is High If You Are Thinking Of Giving Codeine To The Children.


•    Codeine May Be Habit-forming; Do Not Over Consume It.
•    Unborn Babies May Get Harmed If Their Moms Consume This Opiate.

Side-effects of Codeine

•    Dizziness
•    Sweating
•    Dry Mouth.

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