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Hydrocodone 10/325 MG

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Hydrocodone Is A Narcotic (opiate) With Properties Of Non-narcotics Too, That Is, The Tablets Can Potentially Treat Severe And On-going Pain In Patients With Cancer Or Similar Disease And Also Reduces Fever. An Opioid Works By Changing The Way The Brain And Nervous System Respond To Pain, Leaving The Patient In Euphoric Sensation With Relaxed Mind. Known As A Potent Antitussive, Hydrocodone Tends To Calm Down Your Cough By Depressing The Troubling Part Of The Brain. Some Of The Ingredients In Hydrocodone Are Strong Enough To Harm You If Taken In Large Doses. 
Therapeutic Uses

Hydrocodone Is Recommended To Treat:

•    Severe Pain
•    Fever
•    A Cough
•    Cold And Flu.

How To Use Hydrocodone 10/325 MG?

•    Hydrocodone Is An Oral Medication Which Can Be Taken In Every 4 Or 6 Hours Or As Per Requirement.
•    Follow The Directions By Your Doctor On The Prescription.
•    Do Not Crush, Chew, Or Spit This Tablet As It Can Lose Its Therapeutic Effect.


•    Hydrocodone Is Not Recommended To Heart Patients And The Ones Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction, Kidney Problems, And Mental 

•    Babies Inside Womb May Become Get Affected If Women, Expecting Children, Use This Opioid.

Side-Effects Of Hydrocodone

•    Dry Mouth
•    Vomiting
•    Nausea
•    Dizziness
•    Rashes
•    Paranoia.

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